Kanana project

Brand Concept

Fill each outing with excitement♪

Kanana Project is a bag series developed in collaboration with expert traveller Kanae Takeuchi. This line of handy and functional bags is brought to you by the expertise of Ms. Takeuchi, a woman who has traveled in over 100 countries worldwide, and her hope that customers “will enjoy their everyday outings to the fullest with their Kanana bag”.

Brand Producer Kanae Takeuchi

Ms. Takeuchi has over 20 years of experience as a reporter in over 100 countries worldwide, working as a mystery hunter on the popular TV Show “Discovery of The World’s Mysteries” (TBS).
Now acting as a main reporter on the show, she spends about a third of the year travelling across the globe.

Series Lineup

We are proud to present the series lineup for the Kanana Project.
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HANA Series

Colorful& Luxurious; the embodiment of “Made in Japan”

It was carefully finished a little luxury, high-quality model. Luxury and functionality being a given, this line is designed in such a way that radiates charm and a feminine sense of fun. Allow yourself to enjoy a special and luxurious time with this premium line of bags.

Standard Series

Perfectly balanced in all regards! Designed to be perfect for daily use

Light, easy to use, and design conscious. Filled with the know-how of the expert traveller, the standard line is the perfect companion for everyday outings. Knowing it would be put to use daily, we strove to make the design as stress-free as possible.
It is a series of bags that bring fun and happiness with every use.

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